Dr. Axel Schmitz.jpg

GDC 2019

Electrochemically Neutral Blasting Operations for Aluminium Castings

Metalltechnik Schmidt

Dr. Axel Schmitz


LWT 2019

Crash Safety and Light Weighting Applications Using AHSS/UHSS


S. Mukherjee


GDC 2019

Innovative Process Cooling Solutions

Frigel India

Caleb Gilbert


GDC 2019

Additive Manufacturing for Automotive Applications

Pratt & Whitney, United Technologies

Dr. Dheepa S

Samaresh Changdar.jpg

M&T 2019

Advances on High-Speed 3D X-Ray CT Metrology for Automotive Components

Baker Hughes

Samaresh Chagdar

Sridhar Rajagopalan.jpg

LWT 2019

Lightweight Design with Virtual Manufacturing and Performance Solution

ESI Software (I)

S. Rajagopalan

Rohit Kumar.jpg

LWT 2019

Emerging Technologies Enabling Lightweighting by Panel Reinforcement

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Rohit Kumar


LWT 2019

Manufacturing of Lightweight Products for Aerospace Industry

Godrej Aerospace

A K Sindhu

Sachin Bhoutkar.png

LWT 2019

Lightweighting Through Hot Stamping

Gestamp Automotive India

Sachin Bhoutkar

Dr. TVL Narasimha Rao.png

GDC 2019

Overall View of Post-Casting Operations

Sundaram Clayton Ltd.

Dr. T V L Narasimha Rao

Markus Best.jpg

GDC 2019

Premium Tool Steel Solutions For High-Class Cast Products

Kind & Co, Edelstahlwerk

Markus Best

Richard Oliver.jpg

GDC 2019

Shaping Uddeholm Dievar For Future

Uddeholm AB

Richard Oliver


LWT 2019

Augmenting Advanced High-Strength Steels for the Automotive Sector

Essar Steel India

K V Badrinarayan

Vikram Bhanusali.jpg

LWT 2019

Thermoplastics Composites - Sustainable & Recyclable Lightweighting Solutions for Transport Industry

SKYi Composites Pvt. Ltd.

Vikram Bhanusali

Vivek Srivastava.jpg

LWT 2019

Aluminium - Future Metal in Lightweighting

Hindalco Industries Ltd.

Vivek Srivastava

Stuart Gregory.jpg

GDC 2019

New Technology in Lubricants

Petrofer UK PLC

Stuart Gregory

Richard Oliver.jpg

LWT 2019

Uddeholm Tool Steel for LWT

Uddeholms AB

Richard Oliver

A Y Momin.JPG

M&T 2019

The right measuring tool; 3D CMM

Accurate Sales & Services P.L.

A Y Momin

Prem Aruliah John.png

M&T 2019

3D Scanning - Future of Measurement

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics

Prem Aruliah John

J Hemanthkumar.png

M&T 2019

1. X-ray solutions
2. X-ray as a tool

Carl Zeiss India

J Hemanthkumar

Rajendra Pradhan.png

M&T 2019

Automation, Test & Assembly, and Quality Management

CIMWORKS Technologies

Rajendra Pradhan

K Chandrashekhar.JPG

M&T 2019

Measurement - an Industry 4.0 Perspective


K Chandrasekhar

Kaushik B..jpg

GDC 2019

Analysis of Additive Manufacturing Process & Parameters by 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Kaushiks International

Kaushik B

Sharad Pandit.jpg

GDC 2019

Surface Preparation Through Innovative Blasting Equipment

Disa India Ltd.

Sharad Pandit

Madhukar Pai.jpg

LWT 2019

Joining Technology of Functional Elements with High-Strength Lightweight Material


Madhukar Pai

NILESH KAWADE_edited.jpg

GDC 2019

Computed Tomography as a Promising Technology for Industrial Quality Control and Inspection of Castings

Design Guru Engineering

Nilesh Kawade

Gyanesh Singh.jpg

M&T 2019

3D Measurement from Confocal Laser Microscope

IR Technology Services

Gyanesh Singh

P. V.  Venkitakrishnan.jpg

LWT 2019

Multi-Material Solutions in Space


P V Venkitakrishnan

Mahesh Patwardhan.jpg

LWT 2019

Avenues for Lightweighting in Automotive - An Overview


Mahesh Patwardhan

Priya Gupta.jpg

LWT 2019

Innovative Way of Enabling Lightweight & Enhanced Acoustic Absorption

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Priya Gupta

Bala Anand Jeldi.jpg

LWT 2019

Application & Use of Magnesium Alloys - Challenges & Opportunities in Indian Industry

Hindustan Magnesium P. Ltd.

Bala Anand Jeldi

Ashim Jyoti Sharma.jpg

M&T 2019

Automotive Testing Challenges - Trends & E-Mobility


Ashim J. Sharma

Surendranath C.jpg

LWT 2019

Multi-Material Approach towards Light-Weighting in Automotive Body Structure Design

Tata Technologies

C Surendranath


LWT 2019

Affordable Light-Weight Auto Composites Based on Industrial Waste

Tata Autocomp

Dr. Mishra, Dr. Rane

Dr Guruprsad Rao.jpg

LWT 2019

3D Printing Enabled Vacuum Casting

Imaginarium India

Dr. Guruprasad Rao

NILESH KAWADE_edited.jpg

M&T 2019

Quality 4.0: Getting Digitally Connected to Transform Quality Management

Design Guru Engineering Services

Nilesh M Kawade

V Manoharan.jpg

M&T 2019

Applications of Micro & Nano X-ray Tomography for Industrial Inspection

GE Research

V Manoharan

P M Kulkarni.JPG

M&T 2019

Importance Conventional Test Old

Tata Motors

P M Kulkarni

Ilhar Ul Hassan M S.jpg

M&T 2019

Total Welding Quality Management System

Kemppi India

Ilhar Ul Hassan MS


GDC 2019

Optimisation by Selection of Innovative Material Handling, Coating Equipment & Automation for Aluminium Products

Intech Surface Coatings P. Ltd.

Statfield Equipments P. Ltd.

Satish Pisal

Mohd Arshad Uddin_edited.jpg

GDC 2019

Non-Destructive Testing

Olympus Medical Systems (I)

Mohd. Arshad Uddin


GDC 2019

Acutrak® - Direct Electric Heat (DEH) System Well Suited For Aluminum Die Casting Operation

Inductotherm (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Ajit Chaturvedi

Palaniappan Muthaiah.jpg

GDC 2019

Microscopy Solutions for Casting Industry

Carl Zeiss India

P. Muthaiah

Manjunatha T.M.png

GDC 2019

ESI Procast for Virtual Die Castings

ESI Software (I) Pvt. Ltd.

T M Manjunatha

Rajesh R Aggarwal.jpg

GDC 2019

Importance of Die Thermal Management to Achieve Consistent Good Casting Quality

Techsense Engineering Services

Rajesh R Aggarwal

Shibashish ghosh.png

GDC 2019

Simulation Driven Methoding with Inspirecast for Profitable Die Casting

Altair Engg. (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Shibashis Ghosh

Vivek Kavishwar.jpg

M&T 2019

Eddy Current Testing Needs Variables & Inferences for Auto Industry


Vivek Kavishwar